Sunday, June 29, 2014

AFTER 18-year marriage: Minister of God welcomes baby girl

For 18 solid years after marriage, the story of Apostle Kenneth Lawson, a minister of God and his wife, Favour, a preacher of the gospel has been full of anguish and bitterness as they could not savour the joy of having a child they could call their own. 

But at last, when all hope for the fruit of the womb seemed lost, God in his infinite mercy turned their lives around by miraculously blessing them with a baby girl.

Today, their joy knows no bounds as all roads recently led to Prayer Revival Bible Church, located at Revival close,  off Canal avenue, Okota, Lagos, venue of the child dedication dubbed:  ‘Miracle baby dedication.’ Having named the baby girl  ‘Deborah Peace Chinasaran Lawson’ at an earlier naming ceremony, the joy  of the once embattled and ridiculed couple seemed unfathomable  as they explained during the dedication that the choice of the name was  symbolic of the faithfulness of God, and  the comfort He brought  into  their  home with the birth.

In an emotion-laden interview with Sunday Express, which took place at their home, No. 10 Onwujiobi Street, Ago-Okota, Lagos, the elated father and preacher of the gospel narrated the circumstances that surrounded their tribulation while the years of barrenness lasted. 

His story is that of an absolute trust in God, an unwavering belief that no one created by God is barren and that God’s time is truly the best. “When we got married about 19 years ago, I never knew that we could spend so much time without any child to show for the marriage. But as time went on, we started noticing that things were not as it ought to be. Years after years, there was no sign of pregnancy. But as a man of God, I had no choice than to encourage my wife and believe in God. I have been born again since 1984 and I have travelled round the world, seeing a lot of ups and downs in marriages. Truth is, I got worried sometimes. Most times when I got worried I would find a church programme to attend or go the mountain for prayers.

“There was a time my wife called me and said, “man of God, you have been praying for women looking for the fruits of the womb and God has been blessing them with the same thing to me, your wife. Some people were causing more harm to my wife by making some unguided statements like: “are you sure your husband is not using you for all the miracles he is doing here in Nigeria and around the world”. I kept quiet when I heard all these, but prayed more. Sometimes, she won’t eat and I would say ‘let me buy you this particular type of car but she would say no and I would ask her what do you want? Behold she would say ‘man of God, I need a child.’ That was the level at which she was troubled.  Then a time came when my wife said she had malaria which doctors later confirmed was pregnancy,” he affirmed.

Sharing her joy, the excited Favour gave more insight into what she passed through within those years of barrenness: “It was not an easy road. It was a tough experience that I would not even wish my worst enemy. Then I would go to hospitals and doctors would tell me that nothing was wrong with me and that confused me the more. Also, I would be told one thing or the other...either the speed is not fast or the count is slow. There is no name people have not called me. But I encouraged myself.  Upon the whole medicine and countries we have gone to for medication, nothing came out of it. We went to Germany, South Africa, Italy and so many other countries and we were planning to go to Egypt by June this year for another medication, unknown to us that I was already pregnant. God did it at his own time. Some of the imported medicines for us to use are still in the fridge”, the joyous mother avowed.

On her advice to fellow women in similar fate, Favour said: “They should be hopeful and believe that our God is a living God. You would have an enduring consolation if only you believe in God; if you believe that there is nothing God cannot do. They should not allow sorrow to overweigh them because God is the all-knowing and would visit everybody at a set time”, she admonished. “My advice is that the man should not in any way think of divorcing his wife or marrying a second wife. The woman should also not think of leaving the man because no one created by God is barren. They should just remain prayerful and united in love”, the Apostle also echoed.


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