Sunday, June 14, 2015

Twins after 19 years of marriage despite Asherman's Syndrome

Tolu Aregbesola had been given up on by one of the world's best doctors as a hopeless case. He had said: "In my 47 years of medical practice, I have never seen an  uterus so badly will never be able to carry a baby."
However, not only did Tolu miraculously conceive, she carried two babies to term, delivering them naturally in May 2015!

Adewale and Tolu Aregbesola’s 19-year quest for parenthood began shortly after their marriage in 1997 when a botched emergency cesarean section ended their first pregnancy. Her doctor had forgotten some  materials in her womb before closing her up again, leading to a bad infection. Years after this was discovered, much damage had already been done and countless operations left her uterus scarred leading to Asherman’s Syndrome. An operation in India was fruitless and by the year 2000, she had stopped menstruating altogether.

The Aregbesola’s took their search for a solution to the United Kingdom where again operations on her womb did no good. Finally in 2010 at the Shady Grove Centre in the United States, after being examined by about 12 different doctors, they were given the diagnosis that closed their case medically. Nothing more could be done about her case, they were told.

Disheartened and dispirited, they accepted their fate and decided to relocate back to Nigeria. Avoiding  all interference and keeping mostly to themselves, they tried to hold on to the hope of divine intervention since medical science had failed them. In 2013 the normally conservative Adewale accepted an invitation to a special Laughter Foundation programme. They later stood in a prayer line at a naming ceremony conducted by Laughter’s General Overseer, Pastor Gbenga Osho. Not permitting them to narrate to him their medical history he simply told Adewale, “Before May 27 2015, your wife will deliver a set of twins.”

 A few days later, a mysterious snake was killed in their kitchen and less than three weeks thereafter, the twins were conceived! Said Pastor Osho on June 14 2015 as he dedicated Taiwo, Chidinma and Kehinde, Chinedu, “Man or doctors can say anything but it’s the word of God that matters…”

Thus the womb doctors had deemed incapable of holding anything even the size of a small lizard was able to carry not one but two full term babies to the glory of God.


Unknown said...

He uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise! GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME!

Muella said...

Praise be to God. By the end of 2016 i shall carry my own babies in Jesus Name AMEN.

Unknown said...

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